About Us

Photo by phototechno/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by phototechno/iStock / Getty Images

Uniqueness is our strength

DM Analytics (“DMA”) provides direct mail marketing services for consumer finance industry. It was founded in 2015 and have acquired several online lending clients. DM Analytics distinguishes itself by using cutting edge analytic techniques such as ensemble modeling, and in-database analytic platforms. There by, DMA is able to take sophisticated analytics that are typically only available for large firms with tremendous resources to smaller innovative startups and fintech companies with potential to grow.

DMA’s services include data acquisition from credit bureaus, design of creative for mailer, statistical modeling for response rate and credit risk, performing pre-screen selection in order to provide firm offer of credit, optimizing the offered loan amount in the selected population, and reporting of performance of the campaign.

In addition, DM Analytics fine tunes the risk and response models for marketing periodically to provide continuous optimization of the campaign. Additionally, for certain clients, DM Analytics provides credit and fraud risk modeling service as well as underwriting strategy.